Hey, I'm James! I’m your marketing media expert located in Central Virginia. I married my HS sweetheart back in 2015 and we have 2 pups, Kimber & Phoebe. I'm known as the tech nerd in our friend groups and local photography groups. Staying on top of the latest tech is crucial to always delivering a quality product in my line of work.

I'm also business partners with my wife, Emily, photographing weddings for 7 years and counting. So that means, I know the amount of work it took to grow your business to the point it’s at today. My passion in life is to use the skills I've learned to give your ideal customers some insight into what sets your business apart.

meet JAMES

why i started this business

My journey from
quantity to quality

James Hancock LLC was created because there are so many small business and brands who don't have the capacity to create this content or maybe even the knowledge to help their vision come to life. I have spent the last 8 years working to create the highest quality marketing media for businesses across the east coast.

I have worked on branding photos, new product launch, course filming, commercials, etc. for brands both locally and internationally. And what I found was that those bigger companies focused only on the quick responses & quantity when it came to content. And that just isn't didn't sit right with me.

So I created this business to help my fellow "quality over quantity" entrepreneurs create authentic, high quality, and relatable content to help elevate your business. "Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing." - The great Ron Swanson