Conquer live

Social media clips

A Google Drive folder will be sent to you with a variety of vertical clips of you speaking and interacting with attendees.

These clips can be used to make Reels and TikTok videos. A minimum of 10 clips will be sent over. Keep in mind, the more you interact throughout the conference, the more clips you will have!

Each clip can vary in length but on average they are 3-5 seconds and there is no sound included.

Investment: $300

Speaker highlight reel

The Speaker Highlight Reel will start off with the intro to your talk. It will then transition to clips of you throughout the weekend. These clips will include some interacting with attendees and your time speaking for a total of around 15 seconds. You will have the chance to make one round of revisions!

The video will not have sound as it is most commonly used as a website header. However, if you'd like me to add music I have access to a library of music to choose from!