We have quickly found a love and passion for helping educators (new & experienced) film & edit their course! See what courses we've been able to help bring to life:

course filming

"The only regret I have is trying to film the course by myself and not reaching out to him sooner!"

Elle Michele Photography

He was super helpful during the planning process and was very patient through some of my indecisiveness. He was professional, yet laid back and even though we had things planned out for the filming days, we were still able to go with the flow and adapt to the curve balls the weather threw at us.

It was easy for me to quickly warm up to being in front of the camera and being filmed by James. He and Emily made the filming process fun and enjoyable.




The first step in this process is hopping on a consult call so we can meet you, get an idea what all you need to bring your course alive, and talk details. We will send our pricing guide that walks you through all our course experience includes.


Planning & Questions

Let's talk details. We will send you a questionnaire about your course, your business, brand info, and more. This is where we will also ask to see your course outline, confirm filming locations, and overall feel of your course. We can discuss all these details on a planning call and address any questions you have about the filming & editing process.


filming day

It's finally here! We will walk you through it all from start to finish. Our filming is typically split up between 1-3 days depending on the course length to give you and your voice a break. We work with you to complete each lesson one at a time while keeping things organized, relaxed, and fun! If you need it, we also have a teleprompter to help you read through your script or content in a seamless way.


the editing begins

We organize all the clips and get to work on putting together the first lesson. James will edit it completely all the way though with the graphics, info slides, branding, music, etc. You will get to see this completed lesson and make any changes you'd like. Once you approve the final draft James will mirror this edit for the rest of lessons. If there are more unique lessons with different content James will work with you on finishing those. Deliver time for the course depends on a few factors: the length of the course, extensive editing, your response times, the number of changes requested, etc. On average the turnaround time is 3-4 weeks for an hour or so long course.


launch your course

Once you approve all the lessons James will upload each individual lesson in a shared Google Drive link for you to download individually. In addition to the Google Drive link, we will also store the final drafts of each lesson on our own hard drives for up to 1 year but we encourage you to also back up each lesson & promo's to have in the future. 


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by the numbers

the investment

Pricing depends on the length of your course. We've filmed shorter courses under an hour and courses over 4 hours long. We customize each quote depending on your course vision and outline. To give you an idea on where we start for a shorter course, quotes start at $3,000.

Is travel included?

Travel is not included in the package price but we have made this process simple by making an all inclusive rate for the travel needed. That way you won't receive a surprise invoice for travel afterwards.

Does the filming location require access to electricity?

If there is no power provided at the shooting location please let me know asap so that we can plan accordingly for our gear. For some locations this may require additional days to film because of limited charge on batteries and lack of electricity. We can certainly work with this scenario but it will require more planning. 

Are any music & graphics available for use in my course?

Not all music & graphic selections are available. I have a few paid subscriptions that offer lots of variety to choose from that can be included in your course. If you have a specific song or graphic in mind we can see what those things would cost and include this cost in a separate invoice once the course is complete.

What if I still need changes made even when the final edits are made?

We can work through these changes together and if more editing is needed we can be flexible. Each package has the hours included that we've seen be the average needed... But it's not limited by that time. I have a set hourly rate for editing that will be billed separately.

Can I add filming time to add another module or a bonus video?

Absolutely! It is very easy to add time for minimal fees if your film set is still set up. However, it may be a larger fee if an additional day is required to film since we would have to set everything up to film this extra content as well as extend any travel needs.

Do you offer promo videos to help promote my course?

We do have a few different add on services should you want or need a few extra videos put together to help promote, market, and share your course! Our most popular add on's are the 60 or 90 second promos!

What is the turn around time for a final edit to my course?

This depends on the course, complexity of the edits, how many changes you request throughout the drafts, your response time to questions we have, etc. The first lesson draft (the base edit for all the lessons) would take the longest- to set up your style of edit for all the lessons. This typically takes 2-3 weeks. The rest of the lessons should take 3-4 weeks (for the larger courses this could be longer) to finalize once the first lesson is approved. I would allow up to 2 months to complete the filming and editing process especially for longer courses.

When do I need to book if I have a deadline i want to meet?

We want to make your course come to life as soon as possible! We really do pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time and open & clear communication. And because of this, we only take on a certain number of clients per month to manage our workload. And unfortunately, if we are booked up the month of your deadline we won't be able to help! If the timing is cutting it close we can discuss a rush editing fee to meet a deadline.

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We love working with educators who

We love working with educators (new & experienced) who are passionate about what they teach! To ensure a quick turnaround and personalized service we limit our course filming schedule. If you're ready to get started let's talk!

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